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Our Story

TLCB: The Little Corner Breadshop 24/7 – Since 2002
“Freshly Baked Bread Every Hour"

Delicious, affordable, and freshly baked from the oven -- these are just a few of what our customers often say about our bread.

This Is Our Story.

Our humble beginnings began in a little corner in Sta. Rosa Country Market in Laguna where we put our flagship store, a small bakery. It was June 15, 2002 when we baked our first pandesal from our oven.

When people from the market smelled the creamy aroma of our freshly baked bread, our bakeshop started becoming popular in the area because we were the only bakeshop that produced freshly baked bread every hour. The story of our passion for baked goodies spread in other nearby communities through word-of-mouth.

One of our many milestones include being featured on national TV through GoNegosyo’s “Kaya Mo” in 2009, hosted by the famous actress, Gladys Reyes, in time for our seventh year anniversary.

For nearly two decades now, from that little corner bakery, we now have seven stores (and still growing!). Our thousands of regular customers always come back for more because we give them something more than what they expected: high-quality and yummy bread, friendly and courteous staff, and box for their takeout bread. 

Our Vision

We are committed and passionate in our vision to set up The Little Corner Breadshop in every city in the Philippines serving only nothing but the best “freshly baked bread every hour.”

We Commit To Delight You And Our Community.

Our priority is to give you value for your money while we satisfy your sweet cravings 24/7.

To ensure that the same high standard for quality is observed in all branches, a centralized, clean, and air-conditioned commissary prepares and delivers the premixes in every branch.

We serve value-for-money baked goodies to our regular customers who are the working class people, moms, and young people for their baon, merienda, or as dessert for celebrations.

In our commitment to social service in the community, we not only delight our customers, but we also make sure that we employ applicants who are hardworking, honest and willing to learn, regardless of age, sex, and educational level – without discrimination. We train people, attitude is more important than skills.

Our success secret lies in making our employees happy, while maintaining cleanliness and high-quality, as they make our customers happy too.

Come join our advocacy, and be a part of our growing family!

Franchise With Us!

We sell through retail, online ordering and franchise under Breadcorner Inc.

We started franchising in 2007 and we have already helped in the success of several other independently owned and managed bakeshops under the well-established and household name, “The Little Corner Breadshop”, a product of our labor of love over the years.

Know more about our business mantra: “Stay small and lean. Low margin, high quality, high volume.”

Find out about our wonderful franchising opportunity by contacting us now.

Prime Movers & Innovators

Mary Ann O. Guilatco – VP –Operations – Process Management

Mary Ann graduated with Master in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University, U.S.A. Being a Quality Management Consultant in the Asia Pacific region, she is also the Managing Director of Lean Six Sigma Philippines Inc. For fifteen years, she was a Quality Manager in the automotive industry. Her three years as a Consultant in Lean Six Sigma in the Asia Pacific region empowers her to apply her expertise in process improvement to create a lean and efficient operation for The Little Corner Breadshop. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the breadshop in Paseo de Sta. Rosa. She envisions a simple business concept that is doable by dedicated and hardworking people, regardless of age and educational level.

Dinah M. Urag, M.D. – VP - in charge of Product Launch and Development

Dinah is a medical doctor by profession and loves baking as a hobby. She passionately discovers the best recipes from her collection of cookbooks. Her passion in baking is the goldmine in constantly developing new products that is always a hit to the many different types of customers of the bread shop.