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Bread Menu

Delicious, affordable, and freshly baked from the oven -- these are just a few of what our customers often say about our bread.

Regular Pandesal

Sweet and salty traditional Filipino bread
P 2.75

Special Pandesal

Twice as big as the regular pandesal
P 5.00

Cheese Bread

Ultra soft bread with cheese 
P 8.00

Pan de Coco

Bread rolls with sweet coconut filling
P 8.00

Pan de Monggo

Cut-out rolls with monggo filling
P 8.00


Soft-buttery bread with sugar topping
P 10.00

Spanish Bread

Soft bread rolls filled with a sweet, buttery paste, dusted with bread crumbs
P 11.00

Cinnamon  Roll

Roll with caramelized sugar and cinnamon filling topped 
P 11.00


Fried dough confection
P 11.00


Soft and delicious with a sweet, bright-red pudding
P 12.00

Cheese  Roll

Soft roll with cheese filling
P 12.00

Monay Dako

A vegan bread called MONAY DAKO.
(Dako means BIG in Visayan dialect)
P 15.00

Ube Cheese

Bread filled with ube and cheese
P 18.00

Asado Pandesal

Pandesal with sweet pork filling
P 20.00

Ham & Cheese

Pandesal with ham and cheese filling
P 20.00

Tuna Pandesal

Pandesal with tuna, mayonnaise and cheese filling
P 20.00

Buns (6 pcs/pack)

Creamy dinner rolls, set of 6 pieces
P 25.00

Burger Buns (6 pcs/pack)

Sesame topped buns made for burgers and sandwiches. Set of 6 pieces
P 28.00

Hotdog Buns (6 pcs/pack)

Soft buns specially shaped for hotdog sandwiches, set of 6 pieces
P 28.00

Wheat Pandesal (10 pcs/ pack)

Pandesal made entirely of white & whole wheat flour.
P 35.00

Monay Small (10 pcs/ pack)

Popular bread roll
P 50.00

Monay Twist

Popular bread 
P 55.00


American style loaf bread
P 55.00

Honey Wheat Bread

Healthy sandwich loaves sweetened with honey and rolled in sesame seeds
P 75.00

Special Ensaymada Pack

Special Ensaymada with more toppings and packed in dainty boxes for pasalubong or gift-giving.
P 110.00

Raisin Bread

Soft loaf with raisin filling
P 100.00

Monggo Loaf

Soft, pillowy bread and sweet mung bean filling
P 100.00

Cinnamon Rolls Pack

9 pieces of sweet cinnamon rolls packed in a gift box for pasalubong and take away.
P 110.00

Kalihim Pack

10 pieces of soft and delicious with a sweet, bright-red pudding.
P 135.00

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